That's far enough Rulakir!

Put down your sword or your little woman is next! *looks at Orakio* One on one... you and me.

You've got it! *starts to flare up energy*

*holds his sword out* Show me what you've got. You want my daughter? You've got to kill me first!

Orakio, you can't hold that much energy!

*closes eyes* Don't tell me I can't! *flares up some more*

Excellent... more... more!

Orakio, you're gonna kill yourself if you continue...

*eyes still closed* So be it... at least the world will be saved. *continues to flare energy*

Yes young Orakio... kill yourself to save the world... just so I can destroy it again!

*stops flaring* *draws sword* You're finished now. *charges at him with his sword*

*quickly dodges out of the way* Can you do better than that?

*follows Rulakir, slashing at him swiftly*

*dodges every attack without even moving his sword* You're gonna have to do better than that.

*holds up hand* Megid! *a large ball of fire shoots out*

*jumps over Orakio and kicks his head on the way down while avoiding the Megid* Is that the best you've got? You really have no chance of saving this world.

*stands still, breathing heavily* *thinks* This is taking a lot of energy out of me... but... just a little more... even if I die, the world will be saved. *aloud* Leene, please forgive me for what I have to do now.

Orakio... please...

This is it Rulakir... *flares up energy even more, screaming loud enough to shatter all the windows and cause the castle to shake wildly*

It worked... the power he has... *laughs* I give you credit young Orakio... You've finally surpassed me.

*stands hunched over, breathing heavily*

At least as far as power... however... where you can hardly move now...I still hold the advantage *kicks Orakio's chin*

*falls down on the ground* Gah...

*stomps on Orakio with extreme force* How does this feel?

OOOW... NO!... STOP!!!

*kicks Orakio's side*

*flies through the wall into the castle hallway*

*runs over to Orakio's other side* He sets up for a field goal. *kicks Orakio back through the hole* The kick is up...

*flies through the window that Zak fell out of*

It's good! *holds up arms* For the first time in history, a 300 yard field goal... I should get an award for this.


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(Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel)