Finally... I will get the respect I deserve. All will bow before me!

*flies up to the Window with Orakio and Zak on him*

*hunched over on Wren* Not... *breathes* Yet.

*standing tall on Wren* Your days are number Rulakir.

And what are you going to do about it?

Sorry Orak... I gave this for you to use after the wedding, but you need it more now. *shouts very loudly* Amargancas examate repoyo!

*clueless* In case of emergancy, report to your nearest christmas tree?

*the card in Orakio's pocket heats up and flies out of his pocket, covering Orakio in a gentle mist*

What the?

*stands up straight, breathing normally*

The White Berry card... aka the Stamina card.

And I've got enough to last all night long.

*draws sword* You think a cheap card trick is going to defeat me?

This is a whole new battle now. *holds sword high up, which now glows a blinding blue* Do you feel lucky... punk?

Feeling lucky enough to kill you! *charges at Orakio*

*charges as well, swords clashing* Then kill me if you can! *jumps back and throws the sword at Rulakir*

*barely avoides being stabbed by the sword, which sticks to the wall* *fires a blast of lightning at Orakio*

*jumps over the lightning and stands on the sword that he threw* Having fun yet?

*looks up*

*kicks Rulakir in the face*

*falls down to the floor* Perhaps I have underestimated him... but... you cannot kill me. I am immortal.

*jumps off his sword and grabs it on the way back down to the floor* Care to test it?

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(Final Fantasy VII - J-E-N-O-V-A)