*panting* He's tough. But I'm tougher. I will bring this castle to the ground. I will crush all who are in it, including you! *raises arms and floats off the ground*

*pieces of the castle start to break off and ceiling tiles fall down*

*slashes Rulakir as he does that, then stabs him in the chest*

*eyes open wide up* Gah! *coughs up blood*

*holds sword there while the castle continues to fall apart*

It's too late... the castle will collapse even if you kill me here... you and your friends are going to die.

*the air castle tilts as the side wall breaks off*

*starts to fall* Orakio!

*drops the sword* Leene! *lifts up arms, the castle starts to balance out*

*climbs back to the center*

*removes the sword and stands up* He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. *is hit by something* Aah!

*holding hands in front of him* Zak, NOW!

*throws a card at Lord Rulakir* Swamite vive Chade!

Swiss Cheese Lives? *is hit by the card* What the? *falls to his knees* No...

*throws a card at the Nei Sword* Elmenta delpada!

*breathes heavily* Elemental Blade?

*the Nei Sword separates into 6 different swords*

*flies up a few people on his back* Orakio, almost everybody is safe. I'll get everybody else off here, just finish off Rulakir!

Zak, Rulakir, Leene... get out of here!

Don't need to tell me twice *jumps on Wren*

Good luck brother. *jumps on Wren*

*jumps on Wren* The moon is about to ball. You have to seal Rulakir up. It's the only way the moon will disappear!

*flies away with the last of the people on his back*

*lowers his hands, which causes the Air Castle to tilt again*

*panting* Do you really wish to kill such an old man?

*the six blades start to fall off the edge of the air castle*

*grabs Lord Rulakir in his arms and carries him* No... I don't. *jumps off the Air Castle*

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Final Boss)