*looks over, still flying* The Air Castle is falling to the ground!


*points* Look! There's a figure falling towards the ground*

Varifying organisms... Orakio is carrying Rulakir in his arm... and they're flying towards... Mt. Katahdin.

Wren, get us over there!

Let me get the civilians off me first.

*looks up at the moon* There isn't much time. I hope he knows what he's doing.

*meanwhile, at the Mt. Katahdin Volcano*

*throws Rulakir onto the ground*

*lands with a thud* Owwwwwwww.

*the six swords land in front of Orakio*

*picks up the White Sword*

*still on the ground* Its... too late... the moon... is going to crash...

You took Leene away from me once in my life... and then again. I saved her from you and you STILL try to make her see your side of things? You invade MY wedding and try to destroy my world? *stabs the white sword in the ground in front of him*

You stole my daughter from me... you and that Sandor...

*grabs the Red Sword* *starts walking to the left in a circle, the other swords just follow behind him* Your evil ways... they end here! *stabs the sword into the ground in front of him.*

I created you! I created the Orakians! It is what my brother wanted!

*picks up the green sword, continues to circle Rulakir* You may have created our blood line, but you wanted to control us. You wanted to use us for your ways to rule this universe! *stabs the green sword in the ground front of him*

But... humans... they destroyed my world. OUR world. Palma was so beautiful.

*picks up the black sword, circling still* So two wrongs make a right? So you destroy one of their planets? Or at least you want to? *stabs the black sword into the ground, which is now directly across from the white one*

I was destined to rule this universe. What my brother had was great power, but he had a good heart. He was soft... weak... I was strong, I would rule this universe!

*picks up the blue sword, continues to circle* And now look at you... thousands of years of power have lead you to this... Look at yourself... you're kneeling before the weak version of your brother. *stabs the blue sword in the ground, which is directly across from the red one* *picks up the yellow one* But... you really are just a coward aren't you. *continues to circle*

You are weak! You'd be nothing without those humans.

I admit that openly. It was Zak's card that gave me the power to overcome you. *starts to stab the sword into the ground*


*stops* It's over for you now.

Why don't you join me? We... we could rule this universe... any way we want. We would be unstoppable.

*chuckles* Power... that's all you ever wanted... it's no wonder Erim left you so long ago.

*eyes lower* Erim...

Your evil lead her to her death... and now... your evil lead to your undoing. *stabs the yellow sword into the ground, which is directly across from the green one*

*a red circle appears below Rulakir*

To vanish your soul from this universe, I seal you into another universe. One where your powers will be no use to you. *calls out* Powers of Light, Fire, Earth, Darkness, Water, and Wind. I call on you to seal up this evil!

*the volcano starts to rumble*

You... I will not go down so easily!

*a black hole appears below Rulakir, sucking him in*

This is only the beginning! I'm not through with you yet! *disappears into the darkness, sealed*

*lifts up hands, which cause the six swords to pick up off the ground* Scatter! *the six swords fly in 6 different directions to 6 different locations around the world*

*the volcano starts to rumble even more*

Crap... it's going to erupt. *breathes heavily* Looks like the card lasted long enough. *powers down*

*looks up* I have to get up there. *starts to climb up*

*the lava starts to rise up fast*

I'm not going to make it! *climbs faster*

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(Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Ganondorf Battle)