*Two years since the final battle against Rulakir, the world has finally been at peace. The rate of crime was at an all time low as members of Control saw no need to continue their efforts. Leaving just a handful of members, the team disbanded.*

... what is that sound?

What sound?

Well, it's more of a voice than a sound.

I think you are just hearing things.

Yeah, I guess you're right, Chief. *pauses* By the way...

What is it now Orak?

Why are we hanging out together, two years after the last battle?

Because we're both married and have nothing better to do with our time off.

Oh... well, how about another game of checkers?

And let me lose to you again? Ha, I don't think so.

Well, how about backgammon?





No... *getting irritated*


What is it with you and that children's card game?

It's super special awesome... in America.

Please, no more Yu-gi-oh! abridged series references.

But my hair told me to do it.


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(Tales of Symphonia - House of Salvation)