Fine then, what is on TV?

Just the President's speech.

So Ojama finally got elected president?

Don't you mean Obama?

No... he's the president of the United States... no, this is the president I don't like.

What don't you like about our new president?

*over the TV* My fellow fantasy worlders.

Well for starters, he could at least put on some pants.

*over the TV* For the past two years, this world has been at peace. Our brave fighters have made it possible to breathe easy.

You mean the speedos don't suit our fine president?

How would you feel if I wore speedos to work?

Well... *shrugs*

*over the TV* We owe our thanks to these people. However, now that the world is finally at peace, it is my duty to continue to keep it that way. The people who protected us have a special power unlike any other... that's dangerous.

I don't like where this is going.

*over the TV* So, I was given three envelopes by my staff. After carefully looking at all three envelopes, I choose this one because it looked the prettiest. *holds up an envelope with a blue ribbon on it and opens it up* *puts on his glasses and takes out the paper inside*

Now that's a sad picture. Speedos AND glasses?

Guess even he needs to see small font every now and then.

*over the TV* It the the great power granted to me by my fine people that I, President Ojama, grant upon this world my decree. A team of engineers have developed a device to blanket the entire world in an anti-power mechanism. Anybody with extra-ordinary gifts will be stripped of those powers and be left as normal as you or I. So it is now written, so it is put into effect immediately.

Oh shit.

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(Phantasy Star II - Pressure)