What the hell was that all about?

This cannot be true. I don't believe it.

Try something then.

Give me a second, Chief. You know it's been a couple years since I had to show some power. I might be a bit rusty.

Start out small then.

*points a hand at the Chief* Alright. FOI!

Not at me Orak! *falls to the floor and covers head*

... nothing.

Try something else.

Okay. *pointing hand still* Megid!

Please aim that somewhere else! *covers self still*

Dammit. Nothing. This is pissing me off! *attempts to flare energy*

*still covered* Orak?

... no... *falls to the floor crying and pounding fist to the floor* No no no no!

*gets up* There there, Orak. It will be ok. *picks up a chair and hits Orakio in the back with it*

*screams in horrible pain* OW!!! What the hell was that for?

I thought you still may have some extra strength.

TV Announcer: *over the TV* The crowd seems to like the decision made by newly elected president Ojama. *pauses* This just in, there seems to be some breaking news. I go live to field anchor Jessica where she will give us the details.

*Over the TV* Thank you generic announcer guy. As you can see behind me, crowds cheering loudly as the riot in downtown Somerset continues. Stores are being broken into and there appears to be a lot of gunfire.

*gets up off the floor, rubbing his back* Crap.

*Over the TV* With all the peace in the nation, the police are nowhere to be seen. Can the elite squad of heroes known as Control save us this time? I bring you back live to generic announcer guy.

TV Announcer: *over the TV* Thank you Jessica. It seems that our President is now aware of the situation brewing.

Um... um... *looks nervous*

Reporter: Mr. President. Are you aware of what is going on right now?

Um... um... yes.

Reporter: Are you going to shut off this device so that our heroes can save us again.

*stops to hear a whisper from his guard* Um... well... it's just that... um...

Reporter: Mr. President?

The device cannot be stopped. *runs off in a cloud of smoke, when the smoke clears, a pair of speedos lie on the ground where he stood*

... looks like we're gonna have to do things the old fashioned way.

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(Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode - Outside Brandenburg Gate)