*days later*

*In the Criminal justice system, people without powers and really big guns are running the show. Normally, the elite squad known as Control would handle these situations. Now, these same heroes carry a badge and a not-so-big gun. These are their stories.

*Dun dun*

*on the phone* There's been another break in on Silver Street.

*on the phone* I have a break in on Gold Street.

These break-ins are everywhere. If only we had the force that we had before.

We're trying our best, Chief.

It's not your fault.

*sits at a desk, typing on a computer* This is the filth that I've been reduced into doing?

You've lost your power too, Vegeta?

*sarcasticly* Nooooo. I've simply decided to live life as a civilian for once and be bored. Of course I lost it!

We all have.

*takes a gun out of his desk* How the hell am I suppose to use this... this...


Shut up! If I wanted to shoot something, I'd use my Gallic Gun, not this *makes quotes with fingers* "hand gun".

*walks in* Chief, it's gotten too far.

What's wrong, Zelda?

I have a report from someone claiming there's a dead body outside his shop.

Hmmm... the first one. Selan!

Yes Chief?

Send Vegeta and Orakio over to investigate.


*points to each other* I have to work with him?!

Get going!


*runs out the door and jumps in the air* *falls down* Shit.

Can't fly, can you?

Oh like you can? How the hell are we going to get over to the other side of town?

Take my Dodge. *throws Orakio the keys*

*catches the keys* But... I don't know how to drive.

And don't expect me to get into that hunk of junk.

Oh it's not that hard. Just put it into gear and step on the gas.

Sounds simple enough. *gets into the car and inserts the key*

Grrr... *gets into the car*

*looks at the shift* P... R... N... D... L... Prindle?

What does this gibberish mean?

Well, we're parked right now, so I guess that is what P means. L must mean low... N must mean nowhere... so that must mean that R means...

Yes, I get it now. It means ride. So let's run this thing.

*shifts the gear* Alright... let's ride. *steps on the gas hard*

*the car drives backwards, crashing into the office*

*walks over to the vehicle* My dodge!

Err... sorry about that Chief.

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