*somewhere on the other side of town*

Oh, thank goodness you're here.

What's going on old man? Where is this dead body?

*looks down at the floor* Um... Vegeta...

What is it?

You're standing on it.

What? *looks down* Oh.... *steps off of it*

*kneels down to investigate* Take a note, Vegeta.

Fine... just let me get my invisible pen and pad. *pretends to write*

*rolls eyes* Male... caucasian... blonde hair. I'd say about 30-35 years old. *looks into the coat pocket of the victim* A pack of cigarettes. *throws it at Vegeta*

Cigarettes? Doesn't the victim know that these could kill him?

Um... I don't think he's too worried about it. *moves the coat around* I see multiple gunshot wounds.

*gasps* It's murder!

Who is this person?

He's a regular at this store... *hesitates* But I don't know his name.

*gets angry and picks up the old man by the collar* Don't beat around the bush old man! Who is this deadbeat?

I... I cannot say.

Why's that?

The killers may come back here.

Do you know the killers?

No... but...

*tightens grip* The NAME!

*sigh* Alright. His name is Michael...

Any last name?


*puts the old man down* Alright... so his name is Michael Angelo? *thinks for a minute* What kind of turtle name is that?

Know him well?

He's a regular. Always buys chocolate for his wife.

*sarcastically* Now, isn't that sweet.

Any idea where we can find his wife?

Over on Lover's Lane. That's where he lives.

Thanks... let's roll.

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(Golgo 13: Mafat Conspiracy - Afghanistan)