*over his phone* Chief.

What is it Orak?

We've got a name of the murder victim. His name is Michael Angelo.

Michellangelo what?

Told you it was a turtle name.

That is his name.


We're going to investigate his wife and see what she knows.

Alright then, be careful.

I don't think that's a problem.


*twenty minutes and 3 car accidents later*

*knocks on the door*

*opens the door* Yes?

Mrs. Angelo?

Yes... who are you?

*shows badge* I am Orakio, this is Vegeta. Control Agents. We have some bad news to tell you.

Michael's dead, isn't he?

How do you know?

*starts to cry* Because I killed him.

You killed him?

Well, we have a confession. Arrest her and put her in jail. Let's go so I can catch "General Hospital"

I sent him into the riot-driven area just to get me some ice cream.

Hmmmm... so much for the confession. Do you know anybody who would hold a grudge against Michael?

No... Michael was a much loved man. He was a painter.

Ah, an artist?

No, he painted buildings. Very tough job.

Mrs. Angelo... are you hiding anything from us?

*hesitant* No...


Well, he did say that he had an errand to run first at a local grocery store. He said something about eggs.

That would explain the receipt we found.

But where exactly are the eggs?

Where is the store that he went to?

It is at a store name Humpty Dumpty's. That is over on Autumn Road. *gives Orakio a picture of Michael* Take this, maybe it will help.

Thank you ma'am. Let's roll.

I swear if you say that again I'm going to punch you right in the mouth.

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(Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode - Maze)