Announcer: *over the radio* And it appears that after a horrible summer sales season, Humpty Dumpty's had a great fall. With egg sales up 500%, the owner is having its own sale this weekend only.

*clicks off the radio* Who are these people?

What people?

Michael Angelo? Humpty Dumpty's egg store? What kind of moron created these names?

*shrugs* Their parents? I don't know. Let's just get in and out of this store.

*at the store*

Welcome to Humpty's. How can I help you today?

*shows a picture of Michael Angelo* You know this man?

Ah yes, Mr. Angelo. He bought some of our rich eggs earlier today. Um... why do you ask?

This man was found dead earlier today.

Shot in the chest.

Many times.

Oh... well that's sad. He was a good customer.

Maybe, but when we found him... guess what?

No eggs on him. Now why is that?

What is so special about these rich eggs?

*looks around the store* Um... *gets closer to Orakio and whispers* Our rich eggs are actually golden eggs. You see, we supply the eggs to a group known as the Altos. Michael was a middle man.

The Altos?

You mean the mafia group? The group that during the pre-Ojama days were bandits, murderers, and extortionists?

So you know them?

Never heard of them.

The Altos are selling the Rich eggs overseas for a lot of money. Since we cannot publically sell these eggs, Michael is the man who buys them, and then gives it to the Altos.

So... you are willingly and knowingly funding organized crime.

Ah, you don't understand. I didn't learn this until earlier today when Michael told me about the Altos. That is, after he already bought the eggs. Normally, they are used to make a very delicious Egg McMuffin. I just thought he was rich and loved breakfast.

At a price of 500 Meseta per dozen, I guess only the very rich can afford it.

Alright, you're clean. Vegeta, let's go back to headquarters and look up some information on the Altos.

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(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Inside House)