*back at the headquarters*

*steps over the yellow caution tape* Did you find any information on the Altos?

Only a whole book's worth of information.

Where can we find them?

Well... *brings up the computer monitor* They are the biggest organized crime unit on the streets right now. They've been around for over 50 years.

Then where were they all this time while we were fighting the super villians?

Well, it appears that their biggest crime waves didn't occur until the Great Seal was activated by President Ojama.

What the hell is the Great Seal?

Well, that is what every super being is calling it... well, former super being. It's the device that is sealing away our powers.

What gets me is how something that powerful could be created so quickly. And it's effecting everybody?

Nobody has any heightened abilities anymore. I mean, look at this video of the Sequel of Kobe Bryant trying to jump a moving car. *turns on the video*

*a video appears of Kobe Bryant trying to jump a moving car. He jumps and then gets hit by the speeding car*.

I knew he couldn't be human.

*turns on another video* And then there is this one of Tiger Woods. He doesn't look so powerful here*

*a video appears of Tiger Woods walking on water about to hit a ball on a lily pad. As he's about to swing, he falls into the water*

Man... look at what Ojama has done to us. Are we all doomed to get hit by speeding cars now?

*from a distance* Or doomed to drive them?

Shut up!

Anyways, we have no information on the Great Seal yet, but right now we have to solve this case.

Fine... what about the Altos?

We sent Zak and Jaymi back to the store where you guys first went. They found that the murder was captured on video. *pushes play on the computer*

*A video appears showing a man in a black suit and hat point a pistol at Michael and fire five times, then take the eggs and run.*

Well this doesn't help at all. This is a black and white video!

But what I don't get is this. Why would the Altos eliminate Michael? Without him, they don't have a middle man to get the golden eggs.

I don't think it was an Alto man. If you continue to watch the video, it shows that a couple of men from Alto arrived in their car a bit too late, then ran after the man who took the eggs.

How do you know they are from Alto?

Um... because their car's license plate says Alto-26.


So... we just have to track down this car and find out who they were chasing. Let's roll.

*shakes head* I sure hope I can get my powers back soon.

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(Tales of Symphonia - Nobody Knows)