*hours later, at a Masion on the hills*

Well, we found the car. Now let's find the two men that were inside of it. *gets out of his car*

*gets out and walks up to the mansion* You know, I really should be the one committing these crimes, not some random group of people.

Well, you turned good right after you fought Buu, remember?

I'd rather not.

Well. Would you believe that this just makes a better story?

No. *knocks on the mansion door*

*opens the door* Greetings. May I ask who you two are?

I am Orakio. This is V...

I am Vegeta... temporary Control Agent.

*aside* Temporary?

What can I do for you?

We are looking for the owners of the vehicle parked outside with the License plate Alto-26.

Excuse me. *steps outside the door and shuts it* That is my car. What is it?

*holds up the picture of Michael* Do you know this man?

Ah yes, Mr. Angelo. Sad what happened to him. But I had nothing to do with it.

We know that. Someone else got to him. Do you know who it was?

That bastard Ralph. He took our eggs from us.

And another man's life.

Well that doesn't matter. What matters is that a group known as OrCA has gotten away with our last dozen eggs.


Organized Crime Associates. Don't you read the newspaper, Orakirot?

The man we were chasing is named Ralph I. El. He's about my height, blonde hair. He also carries a cane. Don't let it fool you, he can walk just fine... and run too.

Ralph I. El, eh?

What is it with these stupid turtle names?

Know where we can find him?

OrCA's headquarters are on Whale Road. We'd go ourselves, but... well, we now have Control going after them for us. So we don't have to.

*grabs the man by the coat and slams him against the door* You think that we are siding with the mob?

Oh no, of course not. It's just... well, our two groups have been at war since the Great Seal has been put into place.

Why wait until the seal operates?

Because, without the super humans, those who own the guns run the show. It's just that there are two groups with a lot of guns.

*glares at the man* Don't think you guys are getting away with anything just yet.

I wouldn't dream of it. We don't destroy property like the OrCA. We're more passive-agressive than they are.

Well, let's go to OrCA and get this Ralph guy. Let's roll!

You know, that phrase really is annoying.

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(Landstalker - Duke Mercator's Mansion)