*at the OrCA headquarters*

*drives outside of the main building* Hey... that looks like Ralph.

*breaks open his side window and yells out* Ralph I. El?!

*turns around* Oh crap. *starts running towards his car and jumps into it*

He's getting away!

*starts the car and drives away fast*

We have to stop him! Quick, make a siren sound. *starts to follow Ralph's car*

A siren sound? What the hell should I do that for?

Because I'm driving and I also can shoot better than you.

But you're right-handed and you'd be shooting with your left.

Don't test me. Just do it. That way any civilians will move out.

Grrr... fine. *smashes fist through the window, then sticks his head out the window and makes a police siren sound*

*gets out his gun and opens his window* Next time you want to open a window, just roll it down like this.

*stops the siren* My way's easier. *continues the siren sound*

*starts shooting at the tires of the car*

*a tire bursts on the car and causes the car to go off road and crash into a lamp post*

*talks into the radio* Suspect has crashed into tall light-up thing. He is now getting out of his car and firing at us.

It would help if you weren't trying to drive into him! Let's get out on foot and chase him!

We are persuing on foot. *stops the car and gets out of it*

*shoots at Orakio and Vegeta while hiding behind his car*

*opens his door and ducks behind it*

*hides behind his door* Wow... our first gun fight. Feels so weird not powering up and blowing stuff up.

*gets on the radio* We are on the crossing of Whale and Dolph. Send backup immediately! *fires through the broken window*

*tries to shoot, but is out of bullets*

He's out of bullets, now is our chance! *jumps from behind the car and chases Ralph*

*throws the gun at Orakio and runs away*

*is hit in the head* Ow! *falls down*

*runs up to Orakio* This is no time for a nap. He's getting away! *runs after Ralph*

*dazed* But mamma. I don't want to play cops and robbers.

*leaps into the air and tackles Ralph*

Ooof! *falls down*

*gets up and runs to Vegeta* Good work Vegeta. We've got our suspect.

*to Ralph* Idiot, you are under arrest, and if I had any more bullets I'd kill you instead.

Slap the cuffs on him.

What cuffs?

You don't have handcuffs?

I thought you did.

*slowly starts to crawl away*

I don't have any.

*pulls out a knife while the two are arguing*

Well I'm not the one who is suppose to be on top of things. I'm just the muscle.

Well all I have is this gun *waves it around* and it's not going to do me any good trying to arrest him. *the gun accidently fires*

*the bullet hits his hand, causing him to drop the knife* YE-Oooooooooooooooow!

*looks over to Ralph* Um... sorry about that.

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(Golgo 13: Mafat Conspiracy - Orient Express)