*back at Control HQ, in a questioning cell*

*throws Ralph into a chair to sit him down* Start talking, punk.

Do you guys at least have some vicodin or something?

What do you think we are, drug dealers?

*reaches into his pocket and throws Ralph a pill bottle*

*shocked* Vegeta!? Where did you get that?

Come now. What do you think Sensu Beans REALLY are?

They're really vicodin?

They take away a lot of pain and give you a high like you were back at full power. It makes sense.

*takes a couple of Vicodin* Thanks.

Now start talking, else we'll shoot your other hand.

You can't do that. I know my rights. I want my lawyer!

Lawyer? What the hell kind of place do you think this is?

*opens door* Stop talking to him.

And who the devil are you?

I am Miss O'Neil. I am Mr. El's lawyer.

Well you'd better be good. We've got Ralph caught on film for the murder of Michael Angelo

That evidence won't hold up in court.

Well my fists will.

Is that a threat, Mr. Vegeta?

What do you think, woman?

I doubt that someone with a pea-sized brain as yourself would ever threaten me. I could sue you for everything you got.

*reaches into his pocket and throws a quarter and two dimes at her* Here, you can have it. If I want something I know how to get it.

That's enough, Vegeta.

I intend to prove Mr. El's innocence and set him free of all charges of murder in the first degree.

*enters the room* Miss O'Neil, I've been listening to your crap outside this room. Have you even seen the evidence?

Yes I have. That could have been any cloaked figure.

We have two eye-witnesses to the event and can identify him.

Or at least shoot him. The Altos are pretty mad you know.

Well... that changes everything. What if we get him to plead guilty. What kind of sentance will it carry for a guilty charge?

You're not even trying are you?

Shut up.

How about my fist in his face?

Take the deal!

Alright, you've got a...

*interupts* Murder 1, looking at 25 to life in prison, maybe even the death penalty if Ojama is looking to re-issue that.

Even for a guilty plea for the murder of a mobster? He did the world a favor.

He did steal the rich eggs.

Fine. How about the charge of grand theft chicken in the first degree? Carries 2-3 years.

No deal. We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. We'll see you in court. *leaves the room*

If she plans to go all out, then so do I. He will walk by the end of this.

*pulls out his gun and aims it at Ralph's leg* I'd say limp maybe.

Stop it Vegeta. We have too much evidence. Let's just wait it out.

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(Final Fantasy VI - The Returners)