*a week later, at the courtroom*

*sitting with the crowd* I wonder how these procedings will go.

What do you mean?

Well... I just want to know who is going to really win. We already know he did it, but let's just see how much of a snake the lawyer is.

*walks up to Orakio* I've got bad news.

What is it?

It would seem that our two Alto witnesses have somehow... died.

*shocked* What happened?

It would seem that on their way here, they got into a car accident. Then their car exploded into a wild blaze, then was run over by a steamroller. At the end of everything, a young boy was seen jumping up and down on the crunched remains laughing "Ha ha"

That's horrible. Do we know who did this?

I assume it was OrCA, but it looked like nothing more than an accident. With the remains crushed like that, we don't have any evidence to suspect foul play.

Foul play my ass. I know it was OrCA. Without the witnesses, Ralph might walk.

Not unless we can get you both to testify and repeat what the Alto man said to you.

Fine... we'll do it.

Grrr... I hate the witness stand. This is turning out just as bad as that time I was caught stealing 2nd base.

*a memory bubble appears, showing Vegeta at a baseball game, flying in while a runner is trying to steal base. Vegeta picks up the base and flies away*

*looks at the memory bubble* That was you?

Oh shut up. Like you've never done that before. Who hasn't?

All rise for the honorable Judge Fonzarelli.

*everybody rises*

*walks in* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You cats may all be seated.

*sits down* Meow.

Oh, and everybody else too.

*everybody sits down*

Now now... how does the defendant plea to the charge of murder?

Not guilty.

And to the charge of armed robbery?

Not guilty.

And to the charge of having a name like a turtle?

*aloud* Ha, I was right!

... Guilty...

Alright then. Miss Zelda, you may... um... STATE, your opening case.

*thinks sarcastically* Oh boy... this is gonna be fun. *aloud* Your honor...

Please, you may call him THE Fonz.

No... anyways, I intend to prove that Ralph I. El, a card-carrying member of OrCA, shot Michael Angelo in cold blood and then ran off with his golden eggs. Needing money to fund their operation against Alto and gain control over the city, Mr. El was willing to shoot an innocent man and rob him of the eggs. We have indisputable evidence that Mr. El is the murderer and the thief behind Mr. Angelo's death. *goes back to her seat*

Thank you hotcakes. Now, Miss O'Neil. You may plead your defense.

Thank you THE Fonz *winks seductively at him*


I intend to prove that Ralph I. El was nowhere near the scene of the crime that day. In fact, I can prove that he cannot even shoot a gun. I will prove today that he was framed by men at Alto to make it look like him so that they could have one of OrCA's men behind bars. *sits down*

*commotion breaks out among the people*

Whoooooooooooa now! *pounds gavel* Order in the court... and I want a coca-cola on ice. Aaaaaaaaay.

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