*after hours of deliberation*

Orakio, raise your right hand.

*raises right hand*

Do you swear to tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you Ojama?

"So help you Ojama?" When did God come out of this?

Just repeat it. You know he's not allowed in court.

Oh yes. I swear. *sits down*

Now, Orakio. You had a meeting with the Alto man who saw the defendant, am I correct?

That is correct.

And what did he say.

He and his partner were on their way to see Michael, but before they could get to the meeting place, they heard gun fire towards that direction. They hurried as fast as they could, and that is when he saw the face of Ralph I. El, with the rich eggs, make a getaway.

Is that all he said?

He said that he could not forget that face. It was definately Mr. El.

Was anybody with you during this conversation?

My good pal Vegeta was with me. He heard the whole thing.

*from the stands* Good pal my foot, Orakirot!

And what did you find out when you tried to find Mr. El?

When we found him, he turned around to see us. He immediately ran to his car, where he proceded to drive away in a hurry.

Doesn't exactly sound like a man of innocence to me.

I object! Speculation of innocence!

Over-ruled, chick.

It is then that he wrapped his car around a tree and began firing at us.

I object! Defendant's hand is in bandages and he cannot fire a pistol!

That is because I shot him in the hand to get the knife that he was going to throw at me out.

No further questions. *walks back to bench*

Cross exam?

*gets up and walks over to Orakio* Do you know Mr. El, Orakio?

Not personally. He seems like a mean man.

Would you believe that this man has a wife and 3 kids?

Not really.

Would you believe 2 kids?

Don't steal my line.

No. Anyways, do you have any proof that he is the man who shot Michael besides that video?

I spoke with the eye-witness...

Who is now dead by the way.

No thanks to OrCA.

That's another case. Right now, you have no evidence other than the word of a dead guy.

*the door is heard opening*

No, we have more evidence *points to the figure walking from the door*

*walks over to Zelda and whispers something in her ear, then hands an envelope over to her*

What is this? Stop that!

Your honor, we have new evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ralph is the murderer.

I would like time to review this new evidence.

Whooooooa. Time denied, what do you have Miss Zelda?

Your Honor!

Aaaaay, this is my court and there is no jury. I am judge, jury, and if the evidence is right, executioner, ay?

Fine... no further questions.

*walks up to the judge* This envelope contains a bullet extracted from the victim, and a bullet from the gun that Mr. El had on hand. The bullets are identical and contain the same mark on the bullet. *hands the bullets over to the judge*

Aaaay. Now this looks exactly the same. Guilty! *bangs gavel*

What!? You cannot do that.

I have and will. You are sentanced to 25 ye....

*a loud groan, then a thud is heard in the courtroom*

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(Kingdom Hearts - Hallow Bastion)