Whooooooa. What just happened?

*on the ground with a bullet hole through his head, dead*

Oh no! My client has been shot without him paying me one dime!

Where did that come from?

*looks up* There! *points to the rafters in the ceiling*

*everybody looks up*

I can't be.

I thought that he was taken prisoner.

I thought he was dead. It's..

*from the rafters, in the shadows, holding a sniper rifle in his hand* *silent*

Golgo 13. Trained assassin. He could shoot any one of us right now.

Guards! Get him!

My job is done for today. *jumps from the rafters onto the floor*

*many stand in front of Golgo 13*

*stands behind the guards with gun pointed at him*

Wait a second. Golgo 13, what are you doing here?

The mafia must be eliminated. Those are my orders.

Well we understand your orders for peace, but who put you up for this?


Those eyes... colder than stone.

Golgo 13...

Ah hell. I've never been a patient one. *shoots Golgo 13 in the chest*

*is hit in the chest and falls down, but no blood comes out*

The guy doesn't even have blood. Is he a vampire?

*runs over to Golgo 13*

Arrest him!

*stands up*

A bullet-proof vest?

You will see me again. *runs over to the side window and jumps out of it*

*follows over to the window*

*runs over as well* What was that all about?

Golgo 13... he's still alive afterall.

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(Golgo 13: Mafat Conspiracy - Afghanistan Base)