Doesn't matter. What did you call me for, Chief?

I didn't call you.

What do you mean you didn't call me?

I never sent for you.

I could have sworn that someone said for me to find you.

A secretary losing her memory. That's a good one.

Shut up.

You must be getting old.

I'm younger than you for crying out loud.

Well work would make anyone get old.


Now that you mention it, I am seeing some gray hairs forming.

What? Where?

You know, I see it too.

This isn't funny.

Then why are we laughing?


Fine. You'll just have to find yourself a new secretary. I QUIT!

Oh no.

Goodbye, chief. *leaves*

See what you two did to her now.

What did I do? I was Orak's fault.

My fault? You are the one who mentioned that she had gray hair.

You said that she was getting old.

She called me dumb.

That is because you are dumb.

How so?

Explain the long credits at the beginning of this movie.

Quiet you.

No matter, you now need a new secretary.

Oh well, good ridence to her.

I thought you once liked her?

That was before she left me for YOU.

Oh yeah.

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(Secret of Mana - Color of the Summer Sky)