A secretary. Where is Selan when I need her?

Shoulda hired her instead of Laya.

Oh well. Orakia, will you be my secretary?

Sorry Chief, I am bad at shorthand.

Dammit. I need to find a new secretary. *leaves to find one*

Well, what a way to start off a movie.

You know, Rulakia might do it. She's blond, so she probably would.

Are you insinuating that blonds are good secretaries?

No. I'm saying that she has the brains of a secretary.

Why do you say that? Both Selan and Laya were smarter than me, and so is Rulakia.

I rest my case.

Hey shut up!

I wonder where they could be right now?

Last I knew, they were going to adventure somewhere together.

Yeah, but where?

If I knew, I'd probably be with them right now.

Why do you say that?

Because ever since we defeated Ghaleon, there has been no work to do. Life is boring now.

Cheer up brother, I'm sure it can't get much worse. I haven't even had one assignment yet.

Well, I'd just like to see a bit of action. I should leave for an adventure.

I don't know how the chief would like that.

Why would he worry? Even if there was an attack, which there won't be, he has other Control Members to back him up.

Good point. Go ask him then.

I will. *leaves*

Hey, don't leave me behind. I'm coming too. *leaves*

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