*meanwhile, somewhere else in the world*

Do you really think that you can stop me, puny guard?

Just try and get past me.

*comes from above and dropkicks the guard*

Aaaaaaaaaaargh! *dies*

What an adventure we are having so far.

You ain't kidding. This idea of becoming mercanaries was a good one.

I know. Get money, AND treasure. Just beautiful.

I still wonder how my sister is doing at control.

I wonder the same about my brother.



Why are we wondering about them?

I dunno. The blonde hair runs through me too you know.

Well, we could power up so that we have red hair.

Nah, we might actually need the power.

Hahahahahahaha! Yeah right.

Hahahahaahaha! I know. There is no more evil left in this world.

Unless you want to go back to evil again.

Hey! I've already told you that I was possessed by Tsarkon!

Alright already. Jeez I know that.

I know you do. But damn, my temper still gets in the way.

Mine does too. Don't mess with me, little bro.

Wouldn't think of it.

*from a distance, shoots an Atomic Arrow at Rulakia*

*without looking, slaps it back at the Archer* You know, this assignment has been pretty easy.

*is hit by the arrow and blows up and dies*

Yeah, I know. Where is the real challenge?

You'd think that someone would at least try to kill us by now.

*jumps down off a cliff towards Rulakir*

*steps out of the way of the Soldier* Yeah, I know what you are saying.

*lands with a smash*

*jumps down from the same cliff and tries to slash Rulakir*

Damn, I dropped my lucky coin. *bends down to pick it up*

*gets up*

*misses Rulakir and slashes the soldier*


*falls on his back*

*sits on the swordsman's head* I can't remember. What were we suppost to get again?

*kicks and screams because he can't breathe*

Well, we were suppost to storm the abandoned castle...

How can you storm an abandoned castle?

You know, I really don't know.

*dies due to lack of air*

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(Brainlord - Droog Pass)