To my knowledge, we were to get the Platinum Monkey.

Platinum Monkey? Wait until I tell Orakio about this.


He will want a whole lot of these.

They aren't real monkeys.

Oh... what the hell is a Platinum Monkey then?

I believe it is a statue.

That helps.


Well what are we waiting for? Someone to attack us?

I suppose not. Let's go in!

*storms the castle*

Ok. Let's look for that monkey.

Let's split up gang!

Rooby rooby roo!

Good doggy *gives Rulakir a Scooby Snack*

*eats the Scooby Snack* Yuck. It tastes like a dog biscuit

It is.

Oh good, then it isn't me *continues to eat it*

I see that you guys are looking for my Platinum Monkey.

Who are you?

... you know, I've never been able to truely figure that out.

Why is that?

It has been so long since I've had visitors.

Listen old man, I have no time for..

Who are you calling old?


I was once the ruler of this fine kingdom... my Platinum Monkey was stolen and I now have nothing.

Stolen? Who exactly are you?

Who are you?

We're mercanaries assigned to recover the Platinum Monkey.

Good, then you responded to my plea. I suppose I can trust you. *removes his robe*


I am Ali, King of Oasis.

C'mon Ali, this goes Beyond Oasis. The Platinum Monkey has power.

Actually, it is just my lucky charm.

Yeah, they are magically delicious.

Why are we going to recover it then? Some stupid luck charm.

Stupid luck charm? That charm let me to rule Oasis.

Big deal.

That's it, prepare to defend yourself!

Bring it on! *readies his sword*

Stop it you two. We'll get it back. Just come with us.

I suppose I can manage that.

Just don't get in the way.

Ha! I never get in the way.

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(Brainlord - Platinum)