*meanwhile, back at control HQ*


Oh c'mon Chief. What are you worried about?

What if there is an attack?

Chief, look around. There is likely not going to be an attack.

But what if there is?

It is not as though some tyranical figure is going to rise without us knowing.

I don't care if there is a dinosaur coming or not. You're not going.

Fine, we'll just have to give the car to someone else.

I don't care if there is a car... car, what model?

*to Orakia* We don't have a car.

*to Orakio* Just play along.

What year?

It is a '57 Ford Thunderbird.

Oh yeah, love Thunderbirds. *grunts*

So you'll let us go.

Go where?

On an adventure.

Oh sure, knock yourself out. Now where is that car?

Look in the garage.

See you later, chief. *leaves*

Later! *leaves*

Can't wait to see that car *grunts*.

*enters* Where are Orakio and Orakia going?

On some adventure. Now where is the garage?

Uh chief. We don't have a garage?



I thought I told those people of RPGC to make me a garage.

I guess not.

*thud* And there goes my best agent... and her brother.

What if there is an attack?

You can handle it.


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(Crusader of Centy - Town)