Why do we always have to do things the hard way?

What do you mean by that?

Well *looks up* Explain why we both are in chains!

Good question. We got caught I guess.

No kidding Dick Tracy.

I thought it was "No sh..."

Shut yo' mouth!

Yo, we ain't talking about Shaft.

Then I can dig it.

Bwahahahahaha. I see that you want my Platinum Monkey.

Yes I want it. Now give it to me before I get mad.

You somehow look familiar. What race are you?


No Rulakir! Don't say that!

Orakian huh? I thought they were killed a long time ago.

You can't kill off the Orakians.

Rulakir. You're gonna get us into deeper water.

Why do you say that?

I've seen this monster before.

What do you mean, you've seen it before?

If we survive, I'll tell you. All I can say is DON'T power up.


Just trust me on this one.

I guess there are a few Orakians left that weren't taken care of.

Taken care of? What the hell do you mean?

Bwahahahahaha. You shall never know.

You'll never take us down, Dark Skull.

Now how do you know... *looks at Rulakia* Why Rulakia. I haven't seen you since you and your sister defeated me last. How are both of you?

How do you think I am?

I never knew that you were Orakian.

Yeah, well, she is. Get over it!

*turns around* I will. But my master might not. *walks away laughing*

Dammit, where is Ali when we need him?

*jumps down* Let me get you out.

About time you show up. Why didn't you attack the Dark Skull?

*cuts the chains off Rulakia* His master is much tougher than him. I don't want to mess with him without reinforcements. *cuts the chains off Rulakir*

And what do we do? Just sit around?

Let's get out of here. We'll find help.

I know where we can go.


Control HQ!!!

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(Golden Axe - Death Adder's Castle)