Either of you know the way to Control HQ?

Nope. Not from here anyways.

I don't know either.

Well then how are we suppost to get there?

I have not a clue. If only I could power up.

Why can't you?

Because you told me not to.

That was only around the Dark Skull.

Oh. Well then *begins to power up*

Wait a second.

*cancels the powerup* What now?

Dark Skull might sense you if you power up.

He does have a point there.

What is so special about this Dark Skull?

He can sense power. Orakian and I were not able to defeat him with our Super Orakian abilites.

How did you defeat him?


I came to her aid.


The Dark Skull was no match for my Omega Sword. He was engulfed in flames after he met me... well, he never met me. I got him from behind.

Have you no honor?

Have you no cajones?


Don't mind him Ali. He's a hot head at times.

You are as well, so I wouldn't say much.

I don't need to take this from some has been prince.

Better than taking it from an heir to the Orakian Throne.

Shut up!

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(Phantasy Star IV - Field Motabia)