Well, none the less, we have to get help so we can get the Platinum Monkey.

Right... but where are we going to find it?

*walks up behind Rulakir* Well here's someone I never thought I'd see.

Orakio? *turns around* Orakio, what are you doing here?

The same thing I am doing here.

Orakia!!! Sister!!!

Orakia, long time no see.



Orakio, this is Ali. He helped me and Rulakia out one time.

Pleased to meet you, Allah.

That is Ali!

Oh. Ali!

None the less, I am glad that you are here.

We were about ready to go and ask Control for help, but it looks like we won't have to.

What is wrong?

Rulakir and I are looking for the Platinum Monkey...

A monkey of platinum? Imagine the work they could do...

You nincompoop. It is a statue.


Anyways, we are looking for the monkey, but Dark Skull is guarding it.

Bah. He is no match for a Super Orakian!

Uh, actually, he is.

No one can match a Super Orakian.

Dark Skull is very powerful against Orakians. Super Orakians just make it an easier fight for him.

Is he serious?

Yup, he is.

I can't believe Dark Skull is back though.

Still... there must be a way to defeat him.

Even if I attack it, the master still may be even stronger. We need some non-Orakians.

huff... puff. Wait up! *runs up to the group*

Crys, what are you doing here?

The Chief made the control memebers build a garage for him. After he found out that there was no garage, he went mad.

Does he know about the car?

I think he is concentrating too much on the garage to even realize that there is no car.

Good. That will buy us some more time.

I just don't want to see the tears in his eyes when we tell him there is no car.

Wait a sec. Is this kid an Orakian?

I am half Orakian.

You may be enough. I hope.

What is that suppost to mean?

Nothing... nothing at all. Hehe.

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(Ristar - Shooting Ristar)