*back in the castle like place of Dark Skull*

Do you think he is here?

*shows up under the ground* I know I'm here.

Well Dark Skull. You look.. uh... as ugly as ever.

Why thank you. Oh, and my Master sends his regards.

Doesn't matter what he sends. Now there are more of us.

Like I am scared of 4 Orakians.


...but are you scared of us!

Who the hell are you?

I wielded that blade that defeated you last time.

So you're the one. And this other one? I sense something strange, yet familiar in him.

*psst* Don't tell him that you are part Orakian*

*psst* Not a chance.

What are you, little one?

I'm human.

Gah! I was afraid of that.

Rulakir, Orakia, Rulakia. Come with me.


*walks to a safe place.*

So what's it gonna be, Dark Skull. The Monkey or death?

Since when was darkness ever afraid of death? C'mon. Show me what you got.

*equips the Omega Sword* Don't fail me now.

Let's rock.

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(Shining Force 2 - Dungeon Battle)