Show me what you've got.

Didn't you say that already?

Yeah. How lame is that?

Shut up! I, Dark Skull, shall knock you down!

That is even lamer.

Whatever it is, get ready for it.


*slashes it with his Omega Sword*

Ouch! Why I'll teach you. *shoots flames at Ali*

*tries to slash them, but the flames just get bigger.* Uh, Crys. Help out here!

*slashes the flames with an Ice Sword* Thank God Rune gave me this sword of ice before I left.



Oh *slashes Dark Skull again*

Ow! Quit doing that!

*two hands come out of the ground and attack Ali*

How the hell does he have hands?

*fights off the hands* Don't ask, just kill.

Oh, right! *slashes Dark Skull with his Ice Sword*

*a piece of his skull breaks off* No!!!

One more time! *slashes Dark Skull again*

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *the rest of the skull breaks off and falls down*

Well, that has taken care of him.

Not quite. We've only taken care of the skull. His soul still remains.

*a black shadow comes and enters the body of Crys, possessing him*

Gah! *drops to his knees*

Crys? You alright?

Crys? Crys?

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(Star Ocean - Dance in Sword)