*stands up*

Crys? You ok?

Bwahahahahah! You think I am Crys? The Soul of the Dark Skull still lives.


*charges up Megid*

Oh, be careful. You wouldn't want to hurt your precious Crys, would you?

*stops the charge* Dammit.

What are we to do?

I suggest dying. I personally, will finish off the Orakian Race.

Not if I can help it!

Rulakir, Orakio! Get out of here!

I can't let him take over like that!

Ah ha! I finally found what it was I was sensing in Crys. He IS Orakian. But he is also human.

Don't you dare, Dark Skull!

This body can't even use magic. It is useless to me.

No! Don't you dare! Stop!

Here is one less Orakian I have to deal with.

Crys! Fight it!

His mind is out like a light.

*walks in* What is going on?

Dark Skull has possessed Crys.

And soon, I will kill him!

I've got an idea. *runs off*

Make it quick!

Say goodbye, Orakians.

*enters* What do you need?

You know Vol, right?

The spell that kills souls, yeah, I know it.

Use it!

On who?


Filthy Orakians. Crys will die right now!

Dark Skull possessed him, huh?


Alrighy then. I hope I get the right one. I see two souls in there. *charges up Vol*

Just take a shot.

Now, I will kill Crys. Bwahahahahaha!

VOL! *points her hand towards Crys/Dark Skull. A black energy goes out of her hand and straight for Crys*

*is hit by Vol* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *collapses*

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(Street Fighter 2 - Vega's Stage)