*runs to Crys* Crys, you alright?

Orakio, I still sense two souls in him.

Then why is he down?

I accidently hit both of them.


*cough* Orakio.


Did we defeat Dark Skull?

... Yeah, we defeated him.

Did we?

Dark Skull's soul is no longer visible.

How can you see souls?

It was the gift that I got when I was born. Orakia got the ability to heal souls and use great magic.

Orak... *cough*

Crys, we're gonna get you to Rune. Just hang in there.

What happened to me?

Dark Skull possessed you. Rulakia had to use Vol to defeat it without harming you.

Only I hit both of you. Crys, I am so sorry *starts to cry*.

It's alright. I am no great loss to the Orakian Race.

Crys, hang in there.

I'm aborting this mission for now.

Agreed, but I must go on.

Thank you, Ali.

No problems. I will get the Platinum Monkey. Crys, take care of yourself. *leaves*

Rulakir, help me get Crys home to control.

It is best to fly. *flares up energy*

*flares up energy*

*picks up Crys* Let's get home.

*nods and then flies in front of Orakio*

*cough* Orakio, I am sorry.

It's not your fault. Rune will take care of you. *flies behind the rest*

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(Lufia 2 - Tragedy)