*back at Control HQ*

Is there anything you can do?

Crys? Are you alright?

No he's not alright! Why do you think I brought him to you?

*examines Crys*

*silent, barely breathing*

You said it was Vol?

Yeah. Vol.

It doesn't look like Vol hit his soul.

What are you saying?

Orakians can resist Vol. I think Crys' soul was attacked before Rulakia even used Vol. This would explain why he didn't die easily.

Is there any way to save him?

Soul repair died along with the art of Cloning. I cannot repair his soul. The only person that could have possibly saved Crys would have been Erim.


Crys. What is it?


What is it Crys? I am here for you.

Thank... you... for... be... ing... a... bro... ther... and... my... friend...

Crys. Don't die on me now. Please Crys.

Good... bye... bro...ther... *dies*


*stands silent*

*starts to cry*

*starts to cry as well*

It is always sad to see a family member die. I'll talk to the chief about burial. *walks off*

*shakes his head*

Why aren't you like the rest of us.

I spent time on the evil side of life. I do not express my anger.

*sniff* Why not?

I want to, but I just cannot. I guess I still have that dark side inside of me.

*at the funeral site*

*wails* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Crys *sniff* I let you die. I cannot forgive myself for that.

*sits alone, silent*

Man. This is the first time someone on the force has died while I was on the job. I feel so bad for you all.

First Ghaleon kills my father, then Dark Skull kills my brother. I will make evil pay once again.

*gets up and walks off*

*sniff* Rulakir? *chases after him*


I will kill whoever the master of Dark Skull is.

Orakio. Whoever the master is of Dark Skull, we cannot kill. He is even stronger to us Orakians than Dark Skull was.

Dammit! I feel so helpless.

*walks in* Orakio?


I see that Crys didn't survive.

*sigh* He didn't.

I'm sorry to hear that. I've got some news that I think all four of you should hear. And believe me, you'll want to hear it.

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(Lufia 2 - Theme of Sorrow)