*in a meeting room*

Orakians, I have some terrible news for you all.

What is it?

Does it concern Dark Skull's master?

Does it concern Crys?

Wait a second. Where is Rulakir?

I don't know where he is.

*walks in* Orakio!

Nessa? You dye your hair blue?

Oh this, yeah, I did. I just arrived here and I saw Rulakir walking out. His eyes were redder than his hair.

Red eyes and hair? He has powered up, but Orakians' eyes don't go red.

The jerk almost knocked me over.

Damn. His evil side might be showing again.

We'll take care of it later.

Ali, what were you saying?

Let the woman leave first. This doesn't concern Non-Orakians.

Then how do you know about it?

Well, uh...

Nessa can stay. Go on, Ali.

Dark Skull's master...

What about him?

It is the Non-Entity. The soul of all Darkness.


And yes, it is very strong against Orakians.

Get to the point.

What is the point?

I'm afraid to say this... but the Non-Entity told me this before he nearly killed me.

What is it?

The Non-Entity killed the Orakians.


The mass extinction of Orakians. The race that once consisted of nearly 10,000 people only to have four remaining. The Non-Entity killed all of the Orakians... except for 2.

Our parents.

*enters* Ali, I've got the book you requested.

Thank you.

But it is written in Orakian.


Give it here. *begins to read* It was written by our father.

It was?

But his handwriting in this book is terrible compared to the last one.

Let me see that. *takes the book* Orak. You are reading the book upside down. *turns the book around*

I was? Oh *continues reading* Oh yes. It was by dad though.

Whatever. Keep reading.

"Today was the best and worst day of my life. My dear wife gave birth to another pair of twins. We named them Orakio and Rulakir, though Rulakir looks a bit cold hearted. He didn't even cry when he was born. But no, today is also the worst day of my life. Today, the Non-Entity attacked my wife and killed her. My girls were upset over it. I must find a place to hide my children before the Non-Entity attacks again."

I now remember that day.

That demon and his 3 eyes.

Exactly. 3 eyes.

Wait, there is more. "I have discovered the true weakness of the Non-Entity, but in my discovery, I lost my powers. My children are still too young to fight it, but I will write this down in case I do die. The Non-Entity's weakness is the Orakian Light..."

Orakian Light?

What the heck is that?

*continues* "The Orakian Light is a spirit. I had once uncovered this spirit and tried to use it on the Non-Entity to open it's 3rd eye, where it can only be hurt. The Orakian Light reflects the power of the user, so the Light did not help me much. After the Entity took my powers, the Orakian Light separated into 5 pieces and are scattered all over the Fanatasy World."

Oh great. All over the world? Do I sense a really long adventure coming on?

I have to get some length on the movie.

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(Lufia 2 - Tower)