Any ideas where these pieces are?

I haven't got a clue.

Much like the rest of his life.

Quiet you.

I'll see if I can dig up information on the light on the Internet. *leaves*

God Bless that Internet. Alright, now I just need to find out who is going to help us.

The Non-Entity must be destroyed. I will go.

Count me in, brother.

Me too.

This sounds like fun. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going too.

*enters* What would an adventure be without me?

A good one.

Well fine, I just won't go then...

I'm only kidding Zero. Come along with us.

*enters and begins to tackle Orakio*

*steps out of the way*

*misses and tackles Ali* Awwwww. I missed

To me you didn't. Ow.

I heard that you were going on an adventure again. Can I come too?

Sure. You never know when Warren Sapp will be in my way.

Warren who?

Nevermind. Welcome aboard.

*flies in* An evil that threatens the world...

Actually, it only threatened us Orakians.

None the less, we must destroy it.

*flies in* So, another evil to defeat. Count me in.

Welcome aboard, Goku and Trunks.

*breaks through the door* I pity the sucka that tries to take over the world.

Can we really count on you, Mr. T?

Just as long as you give me my milk and don't mess with my gold.

Ok everybody, you can all go home. Mr. T will take on the Non-Entity.

Non-whatity now?

Nevermind. Everybody come back now.

When do we start?

Something seems missing.

*enters* Hello there.

That was what was missing.

I'll go with you, but I doubt I will be much help.

Well, if we find a monster who his scared of heavy metal, we'll just send you near it and hope for a metal piano.

Ha ha ha. Not funny.

Yeah. Anyways, I want to wait to hear back from Rune. He might be able to help us.

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(Final Fantasy V - The Four Warriors of Dawn)