*at Professor Rune's laboritory*

Orakio. I have got some news on the Orakian Light

Yeah? What is it?

There has been a spotting of a light of such a bright white at the Old Hathaway Factory.

Hathaway Factory? My father used to work there. They had some advanced technology there.

Yeah, that is why they shut down.

Hathaway had to shut down. The Orakians were being killed. No one could run it.

Anyways, it is believed that a piece of the light is there.

But where in there?

I don't have a clue. And it might be hard to see, as it is a spirit.

Heh. I'll figure out something. Do you have anything for us?

Not right now I don't. I've been kinda on empty as of late.

Well, thank you anyways.

Come back when you have the 5 pieces. I might have something by then.

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