So, the Orakians wish to find the Orakian Light... how endearing.

What should we do about it, boss?

They must not succeed in finding the light. You must not let them get it.

How boss? The Orakians have too much power.

You forget. As long as you are protected by me, the Orakians have no strength against you.

Why me?

Because you are my Grand Wizard, master of the Dark Magic.

Yes master. What do you wish of me?

Head to the factory. Use your great magic abilities to wipe out the Orakians for good.

Right away boss... but tell me, why do you hunt the Orakians as you do?

As long as the Orakians exsist, I cannot destroy the world.

But I thought you could kill the Orakians.

You fool. I have not fully regained my powers yet. Damned Earl and his Orakian Light.


Don't you know anything? That is the name of the Orakian's father.

Oh yes.

He opened my eye with that Light, and if his power was a bit more, he would have defeated me. Luckily, I used my power to sap him of his power...

...in hopes that you would get your revenge and kill him.

Yeah, but that fool Ghaleon did it for me... I still may have a use for him yet.

You mean... revive Ghaleon?

I do have the power to revive. I shall call up 4 more of my most evil minions to stop the Orakians from getting the Light... just in case.

In case of what?

In case you fail.

I will not fail. The Orakians are dead meat compared to me.

Just be careful. The Orakians are not dumb... well, the one called Orakio is, but believe me, they will have Non-Orakian reinforcements.

Yes master. *disappears*

Now, I shall call up my greatest and most evil minions, the Orakians will not stand a chance.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Abyss)