*just then, a loud crashing sound is heard followed by an explosion*

What was that?

*flies in* Non-Entity. I am your worst nightmare!

Hohoho. That is rich. You are an Orakian.

The most powerful Orakian.

That isn't saying much.

Shut up. You are in no possition to talk.

You are in no possition to talk tough to an Entity that no Orakian can defeat.

Then I will be the first. Prepare to die for killing my brother.

Your brother? Oh, that half Orakian. I can't help that he didn't die a quick death like the rest of you.

Shut up! *fires a quick blast of energy at the Non-Entity*

Heh heh heh. Why not show me what you've really got?

DARK MEGID!!! *fires a huge blast of dark flames at the Non-Entity*

*the flames hit him, but do not effect him* Why not try harder? I ain't even breaking a sweat.


Observe my might. *opens up his third eye*


*the third eye fires a small laser at Rulakir*

*is hit by the laser* Im... poss... ible... *collapses*

Hahahahahaha. I could kill you right now, but I may have a use for you. Hahahahahahaha!

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(Mega Man 5 - Napalm Man's Stage)