*near the Hathaway Factory*

This is the old Hathaway Factory?

I think that is what the narrator just said.

I must have not have seen it.

It is right above you.

Well, right now, you are above me.

Like I can help that. Look up above the first you.

There is more than one of me?

...nevermind. My bad.

Yeah... your bad.

Can we get on with this?

Sis is right. Let's go on.

The light has to be in there somewhere.

Well duh.

Where could it be?

Trunks and I will scout the area above.

Agreed. *flies off above the factory*

*flies off above the factory*

What are those foo's doing now?

Didn't you hear them?

Shut up, foo'. Since when does Mr. T listen to flying foo's.

I never knew you listened to anybody.

You're really asking for it, sucka.


That's it! *picks up Merlin and throws him helluva far*

Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo! *is thrown helluva far*

I don't think that is enough.

You're right. *runs into the factory and comes out with a large piano*

Oh yeah. Hathaway was an old music factory.

So long sucka! *throws the piano helluva far*

*is still going helluva far* Boy, he threw me helluva far. *looks behind him* Oh no. Piano at twelve o'clock! *makes swimming motions in the air to help him get some speed, but the piano catches up to him and hits him* Ow! *falls to the ground.*


That is something that will live in my mind forever.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *crashed down on the ground* Ow!

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(Mega Man 4 - Dr. Cossack's Stage 2 Remix)