Well, since we've got someone hurt now, the best thing to do is to have someone stay back for him.

I think it should be Mr. T.

Shut up, foo'!


*hits the deck*

You've asked for it sucka! *picks up Zero and throws him helluva far*

Me and my big mouth *goes flying*

Well, this is just great. 2 down, and someone has to stay behind.

Mr. T, would you please stay behind?

Well, since you asked nicely, I might as well.

Ok. I guess it is Orakia, Rulakia, Nessa, Faetan, Ali, and myself going in.

Alright. I, Faetan, shall knock them all down.

Knock who down?

*tackles Orakio* You.

Damn. That hurt you know.

Still owed you one for that bad dress sprite.

I guess I had it coming.

Well, time's a wasting.

Yeah, we still have to make sure that Rulakir is safe.

I'm sure he is doing just fine.

Narrator: Yeah right.

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(Super Mario World - Castle)