*flying up above* Don't look now guys, but I sense something coming.

Get ready guys.

*grabs her sword* Weeeeeeeeeeee!!! Bring it on!

*grabs her sword* I'm not going down so easily.

*grabs his Omega Sword and gets ready* It looks like the Grand Wizard.

You've seen it before?

I fought it once.

Is it strong against the Orakians?

I am not sure, but just to be safe, stay back.

Don't have to tell me twice.

*flies down on his orb* Hahahahahaha! My master will be so pleased.


The Non-Entity. Dammit. He might just be strong to us then.

Yeah, but he can't stop us. *runs towards the Grand Wizard*

*fires some magic at Faetan*

*leaps over the magic and continues to run*

Hmmmm... Persistant one.

Damn straight I am. *tackles the Grand Wizard and then slashes him with her sword*

Aaaaaaaaaah! A football player!

*runs upto the Grand Wizard and slashes it*

You think you two will stop me?

Well, we tried.

You ain't giving up already, are you?

Nah, just letting Ali do his thing.

SWORD MELEE! *slashes the Grand Wizard 4 times then jumps and slashes it two more times before slashing it one final time on the way down*

Oh no! *the orb cracks and blows up, destroying him*

Sword Melee?

Difficult skill to master. Takes quick reflexes to execute.

Can you teach me someday?

I suppose I can... if you are good and brush your teeth.

I always brush my teeth.

But you are never good.

Oh, I'm good. No questions there.

...ok, I'm not going there.

Go here instead.

(Super Mario World 2 - Boss Theme 2)