*inside the factory*

So, where is this light?

I don't have a clue.

Well you're no help.

Can't you guys see it?

Sorry, Rulakia. I can't see a thing.

It is right in front of you.

*voice* Hello, Orakians.

What the??? Who said that?

Oh yeah, I forgot. I am the only one that can see them. Can you make yourself visible, Orakian Light?


Wow. You work fast.

Welcome. I am one of the 5 Pieces of the Light.

I kinda gathered.

So this is the Orakian Light?

Yes, I am a part of the light. I hold the Orakian's Anger.

Orakian's Anger?

What is that suppost to be?

Anger is what gives Orakian's their strength.

Wait a second. Anger? What does that have to do with strength?

When an Orakian powers up, it is triggered by anger. The more anger you use to power up, the less energy you'll have for the fight. Likewise the less anger it takes, the more energy you'll have.

I see.

We've gotten to the point where we don't even know that we use Anger anymore.

You four Orakians are all that is left. When you four die, so will the light.

I am not going to let that happen.

I fell my powers diminishing more and more. Do not hesitate Orakians. You must find the other 4 pieces.

But where are they?

I am picking up a signal from the south.

The south seems so vague.

Don't we all know.

I am sensing it around Sebec Lake.

The Sebec Lake?

I seem to remember it.

Yeah. Me too.

Good, then you know the way.

What? When did you two see the lake?

A long time ago.


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(Final Fantasy Overture)