Soooo. The Orakians found the Light of Anger. How disappointing. It seems that the Orakians are a bit more resistant than I thought.

*a thunder crack is heard*

The revification is going well. I shall call forth my first servent. Sadoul, come forth!

*appears* What do you want?

You're still as evil as ever.

Damn straight I am.

How would you like to have your revenge on a specific Orakian?

Orakio... I will destroy him.

The Orakians are heading south of the Hathway Factory. They are heading towards Sebec Lake.

Orakio... I will destroy him.

That's the good frame of mind.

Orakio... I will destroy him.


Orakio... I will destroy him. *disappears*

Damn kids. Now, I have to revive 2 more just in case.

You fiend! You'll never get away with this.

I already have. Behold! The Orakian Light of Darkness!



I managed to keep one in my possession for quite some time. I can not be destroyed now. Hahahahahaha!

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(Lufia 2 - Confrontation with Sinistrals)