*outside of the factory*

Alright, we've got the 1st light. We now have to head south to Sebec Lake.

Sebec Lake? Where is that?

South of here. Just follow the river.


Merlin, you still under there?

Nooooooo, Orak. I am under a guitar. What do you think?

Pretty big Guitar. How come Mr.T didn't get it off you?

Because while you were gone, the Milk Man drove by. Mr. T spotted it and started running after it. The Milk Man must have been going 90... and Mr. T was outrunning it.

Damn. I'd hate to be the Milk Man. Now Mr. T can't help us.

Who cares? Do you mind getting this off of me?

Goku? Do you mind.

Sure I guess. Ka...

Oh please God NO!


I'm really fine under here!


Look. I'm happy under my piano!


Look! I'll even play "Roll Out The Barrel"! *somehow plays Roll Out The Barrel on the piano*

Hold it there, Goku.

*stops* Ok.

Alright Merlin. I'm going to leave Zero here with you to keep you company.


If you need us, just follow the river.

How do you expect me to follow the river?

Well, you could crawl like a turtle...

You weren't suppost to answer that you numbskull.

He'll answer just about anything.

I figured. Owwwwwwwwww.

Anyways group, let's go!

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(Ys 3 - Winged Boy)