*at Sebec Lake*

Alright. I think this is a lake.

Yeah, but where the heck is the Light?

Rulakia? Do you see it?

Not anywhere nearby. I am sensing something under the water though.

UNDER the water?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Are we going to go swimming?

I don't know about you, but I'm not.

Afraid of the water, Rulakia?

She's always hated water. Which is probably why she never bathed.

Shut up you! I bathe.

Whatever you say, sis.

Why you little... *tackles Orakia*

Alright! A tackling party! *tackles Orakio*

... I'll just stay out of this one.

*a familiar figure then appears*

Alright you guys. Play nicely or else!


Who else but me?

Fred Willard?

Ok Orak. Let's not go there.

What are you doing around here, Weiila?

Sebec Lake is a cool spot. I've been just hanging around here and I found a lever that drains the water from the lake.

Sweet. Where is it?

It's over... *glares at a dark figure in the distance*

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