*on Mt. Katahdin*

Brrrrrr. It's cold here.

Yeah. I kinda forgot that it was winter time.

How can you forget that it is winter time?

If you are asking that question, you don't know Orak.

She is right though, it is quite cold here.

Bah. What is it? 12 F? That's plenty warm.

You cold blooded Mainer. It's frickin' freezing!!!

How do you think I feel? I've got nothing to cover my legs.

Is there anything you can do Orak? There are icicles forming on my wings.

You're all spleany. Alright, lemme get some branches. Ali, come with me. *walks off*

Alright. *walks off*

Leave it to Orak. He may be dumb, but he can make a good fire.

I hope so.

Sssssoooooo... cccccooooold... *shivers*

Yyyyeaaaaaaah.... *shivers*

*comes back with some branches* Alright Ali, put them down here. *puts down the branches*

*comes back with a tree trunk* You're the Orakian. You should be the one carrying the trunk. *puts down the trunk*

Nah. You're much bigger than me. NaFoi! *points his hand at the branches and a large flame comes out of it and sets the branches on fire.*

Yyyyyaaaaaaay! *gets near the fire*

Dddddddittttttoooo! *gets near the fire*

Hold on guys. I see something.

Is it the spirit?

I am not sure.

Where is it?

*points* That way.

Alright. I'm going after it.

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(Ys 3 - Fighting Soul)