...what the?

Surprised to see me, Orakian?


Ghaleon? You mean that jerk that kidnapped me?

And me?

And me?

And me?

And me?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

You look different.

That is because I don't have my helmet on, Dragon Girl.

Well, at least you remembered my name.

Enought small talk, Ghaleon. Who sent you?

Who do you think sent me? The mighty Non-Entity.

Well damn. I was hoping that you came on your own free will.

Actually, I did. The Entity wanted me to wait for you at the top of the mountain. But I discovered something on the base that you guys passed.

And what is that?

THIS! *shows an Orakian Light inside a jar*


Yes, the Orakian Light of Magic.

Well damn.

So that is what I was sensing.

And now with this light, you cannot stop me. I will destroy the Orakians. Hahahahahahahaha!

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete - Boss Battle)