Not if I can help it you won't. Get ready guys.

Uh Orak. The Entity revived him. Shouldn't we be worried?

I'm not going to worry.

You should worry about it. You don't stand a chance, Orakian.

*slashes Ghaleon across the face*


Nobody is going to kill My Orakian Hero.

You see, I am a hero to some people.

You persistant little brat!

At least you didn't call me Dragon Girl.

You shall be the first to go.

*grabs her sword* Get ready!

*walks in* Hey guys, I though I would help out a bit.

Rirse! Get out of the way!

Like I'm going to listen to you.

Thunder Bomb!!! *huge bolts of lightning come from the sky*

*jumps out of the way*

*is hit by the lightning* Oh no... not again. You know, I really hate you Ghaleon.*dies*

What just happened here?

Another request by Rirse. He wanted to die again.

But if he can be revived, why can't Crys?

You know, that is a good question. I'll get back to you on that.

Shut up! All of you.

Give it up Ghaleon.

You really think you can defeat me?

And why not?

Just stand in my way. I, Ghaleon, shall knock you down.

Why does that sound familiar?

Shut up. DRAGON CANNON!!! *shoots HUGE bolts of lightning from his hands*

Oh shoot. *is hit*

Damn. *is hit*

Oh great. *is hit*

Eep. *is hit*

Oh fiddlesticks. *is hit*

Hahahahahaha! I have finally defeated the Orakians. Now, the world is mine to rule! Ahahahahahahaha.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Final Boss)