Hahahahahaha. Orakians.... I will crush you all.

This isn't good.

You ain't kidding. I can see the light. I just can't get to it.

Power up and fly down there.

Right. *flares up energy*

You ain't going anywhere. *breathes fire on Rulakia*

Aaaaaaaaaaah! *is hit by the flames*

Oh shoot.

*runs up and slashes Tsarkon*

*the blade gets stuck in his thick hyde* Is that the best you've got? *hits Dragonessa with one of his heads*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *falls back*

Nessa! Weiila, watch over her. Faetan, you too.

*looks at Tsarkon* I'm not tackling this thing. I'm going.


There has got to be a way to defeat him.

I cannot think of it. Powering up will only weaken us.

The Entity must have sent him.

I sure wish that Ali was here.

I'm sorry... I couldn't get the Light.

Don't worry about it yet. I might have a plan.

Are you guys done talking yet so that I can kill you?

No, not yet.

So what is your plan?


Yeah, you said you had a plan.

D'oh! I forgot.

That is just great. How do we get the Light now?

Think of something.

Oh sure. I'm too dumb for anything else but when it comes time to save your tails, I'M the one that has to think of something.

Oh alright. I'll think of something.

Thank you.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Ooze)