*jumps down from the top of the volcano and stabs one of Tsarkon's heads*



Get the light! I'll hold him back.

Right. *flares up energy*

I thought you stayed back.

I've been watching at the top of the volcano.

*flies down* Where are you light?


There you are. *grabs the light and flies back up*

Grah!!!!!!!!!!! I shall destroy you.

Orakio! I'm going to drag him into the pit.

Ali, no! There has to be another way.

There isn't. Do me a favor.


Take my Gold Armlet. It might help you out.

Ali. No!

*throws down the Armlet* Take it! Goodbye, Orakians. *holds onto his sword and drags Tsarkon into the lava pit*


Ali! Noooooooooooooooooo!

*the volcano begins to erupt*

Orakio. We've got to get out of here.

*grabs the Gold Armlet and stares at it*

Orakio! Let's go.

Don't worry. I'll warp you all out of here and back to the Hathaway Plant.

Thank you... Ali.

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(Sol Feace - Boss 3)