Light of Darkness! Give me power! *flares up energy*

Lets see if this Gold Armlet is worth the trouble. Lights don't fail me now. *flares up energy*

Now, we shall see the true power of the Lights.

Yes, we shall.

*grabs his sword* This is it Orakio. I'm settling this now.

*grabs his sword* Fine by me.

Nice knowing you, brother. *starts his attack*

You too, brother. *starts his attack*

Isn't there anything we can do? They're fighting!

Rulakir doesn't realize that he's helping the Non-Entity destroy the Orakians. Once we are gone, Rulakir will be killed easily.

*fires a small fire blast at Orakio*

*holds up the Gold Armlet and fires a small fire blast at Rulakir. Both fires hit each other and explode*

So the Gold Armlet gives you strength?

Yes it does.

How sad... for you *continues*


There has got to be a way to stop this.

Orakia. Orakio will win. He must.

How do you know?

Well, you see, Rulakir is just as dumb as Orakio. Rulakir left the Light of Darkness unprotected.


All Orakio needs to do is get around Rulakir and grab it.

*jumps over Rulakir*

Like so.

*grabs the Orakian Light of Darkness* Ha! I've got it.

That's not all you've got. DARK MEGID! *fires huge dark fireballs at Orakio*

Orakio! Watch out!

*turns around* What the? Oh no! *holds the Gold Armlet up to the flames*

*come out of the Armlet and surround the flames, destroying it*

What the?


*surround Rulakir and attack him*

Noooooooooooooo! *collapses*

About time.

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(Lufia 2 - Sinistrals' Battle/Zelda Remix)