*thunder strikes*

Very impressive.

One Orakian Down. 3 More to go.

Master will enjoy this.

You Orakians have no chance.

Oh no! Where did they come from?

Ugh... *gets up* They are Master Entity's last resort before you fight him.

Didn't you die?

I don't die that easily.

I learned that from the past.

Orakians. Hold the Armlet up and our powers will be combined

Go ahead Orakian! You don't stand a chance.

All I can do is try. *holds up the Gold Armlet*

*combine into 1 whole light*

Thank you Orakian. I am now complete again. I will await in the Gold Armlet. *disappears into the armlet*

What a nifty trick. We can do that too.




Join us Rulakir.


*start to merge together*

Rulakir! Join us now!

Rulakir, don't!

...*flares up energy*


*fully merge together*


Are you back?

Please say that you are.

I'm here. Don't worry.

Hahahahahahaha! Now, I will destroy all. I am Tsadouleon!

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(Mega Man X - Sigma's Fortress 3)